1. . Web Hosting

                    We provide DDoS protection and specialized web hosting solutions to businesses worldwide.

                    驯兽师(总攻 一攻多受)

                    Stable and flexible web hosting solutions for developers powered by the Cloud.

                    Java Hosting

                    Java hosting based on Tomcat. You get full access to a managed Tomcat container running in the Cloud. Control it using SSH or the included SiteWorx control panel.

                    Java Development

                    Lean & agile Java development service. Outsource your custom software development to JavaPipe for enterprise level results.

                    WordPress Hosting

                    The fastest WordPress hosting available. LiteSpeed web server, SSD storage, cloud infrastructure, PHP 7.2 and MariaDB.

                    驯兽师(总攻 一攻多受)

                    DDoS protected hosting infrastructure you can manage yourself or let us manage for you.

                    Dedicated Servers

                    Bare-metal servers housed inside our DDoS protected data center facilities.

                    KVM VPS

                    Virtual servers based on KVM. DDoS protection and fast SSD storage included.

                    Unmetered VPS

                    Virtual servers with unmetered bandwidth options and DDoS protection.

                    驯兽师(总攻 一攻多受)

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